Work group "decor finish foils"

Leading manufacturers of decor finish foil have joined forces with the Institut fuer Holztechnologie Dresden gemeinnuetzige GmbH to form a "decor finish foils" work group for the purpose of drafting a uniform guideline for testing and defining the quality of their products regarding surface and environmental parameters.

The test methods are fixed in IHD-Work Standards.

The IHD-Quality-Guideline is a specification for a unique declaration of environmental, physical and surface properties. 

What is decor finish foil?

Special paper, coloured or printed on, with a lacquer-coated surface. 


The processing firm is usually supplied with decor finish foil in reels and, by way of a separate layer of adhesive, glued to a substrate (generally a wood-based material) to form a final product. 

Fields, use areas:

They are mainly used in the furniture industry, but also in the field of interior work (panels, strips,...) for the decorative design of substrate materials made of chipboard or fibreboard. 

Decor finish foils that have been tested in accordance with the provision of this IHD-Quality-Guideline can use the quality seal as shown. 

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